Newest Feature: Thomistica.org now offers the Thomistic archive, TArchiva; this is an archive of papers (preprint drafts, published papers, conference papers, etc.) relating to Thomistic inquiry broadly understood.

The purpose of Thomistica.org is fourfold: 1). to answer questions and solve problems in the interpretation of Aquinas’s works as well as in the history of Thomism, 2). to pose and answer problems within ​contemporary ​Thomism on its own terms, 3). to pose and answer objections against Thomism raised in the terms of other competing viewpoints, and 4). to propose Thomistic solutions to problems in the contemporary disciplines.

Content on this site can be written by anyone who has interest and ability in these areas and the willingness to contribute. It is managed by an Editorial Director who organizes and edits all articles and questions and moderates all comments. (To learn more about how to contribute, click here.)

In addition, each page can be commented on by any contributor or by any registered user, again subject to review and approval. The site will also contain introductions to Thomistic thought for those newly discovering Thomism, as well as a list of key resources for study.

All material is available free. A mendicant friar of Thomas’s generosity would not have it any other way.

—Timothy Kearns, Editorial Director