First Steps in Thomistic Inquiry: What Is the Meaning of Your Life?

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[This article will begin with where readers find themselves, searching for truth and goodness in the late, late modern world. This will motivate asking questions about how one should live, then about the limits of human nature, then about God and his revelation in Christ. Through Augustine and the Greek Fathers, we will come to the medieval university and Aquinas’s method of inquiry and goals. We will also briefly trace how Aquinas has fared since the thirteenth century and at least one strand of how our world lost sight of the good of human life, rational excellence in accord with virtue lived in a communion with God, and replaced it with morality, a set of laws that sometimes only imprison us.

But such an inquiry as this cannot be carried out by you alone, outside the context of a community. This means that any study of the world or any attempt to answer questions about your life must be guided by masters of the Christian life and at the service of all those you can help grow in truth and love. This article then ends with a call to become active in the life of the church.

You must become an apprentice in inquiry.]

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Timothy Kearns received his PhD (2014) and MA (2007) from the Center for Medieval and Byzantine Studies at The Catholic University of America and his BA in Classics from University of Texas at Austin (2001).

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