Life and Legacy

This section contains articles on the various historical questions of St. Thomas’s life and works as well as of Thomism more generally.

Specific attention is paid here to articulating Aquinas’s views as the views of a thirteenth century mendicant friar who lived as a saint. The section, Problems within Thomism, treats of questions and problems for contemporary Thomism, for which the study of Aquinas’s own views provide the basic foundation.


St. Thomas’s Life and Times

  • “Did the Dominican campaign against the Cathars play a role in forming Aquinas’s program of inquiry?” Sign in to answer this question.

Aquinas’s Sources


Interpreting the Works of Aquinas

  •  “The twelfth century saw a growth in the understanding of what nature is. How does Aquinas’s use of terms for nature reflect the then-novel conception of the natural world?” Sign in to answer this question.

St. Thomas’s Legacy and the History of Thomism

  •  “Can Thomism be understood without distortion as one more competing system in the contemporary marketplace of ideas?” Sign in to answer this question.