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The Thomistic E-Print Archive

TArchiva, the Thomistic Archive, is an electronic archive and distribution server, hosted by Thomistica.org. TArchiva allows for papers on any aspect of Thomism to be uploaded (as PDFs) and stored online at Thomistica.org, centrally and freely accessible, searchable, and in easy to navigate categories. These categories are based on the same set of categories around which Thomistica.org is organized (see the navigation bar above).

What is the purpose of TArchiva?

The purpose of TArchiva is to make reflection and debate on St. Thomas’s works as accessible as possible.

Who can publish on TArchiva?

Anyone who has a validated registration on Thomistica.org.

What can be archived on TArchiva?

TArchiva provides an archive of e-print research materials, everything from articles (pre-prints, post-prints, etc.) to conference papers, from seminar papers to talks.

Published articles and papers can usually be archived. Sherpa, advocating for open access to research, estimates that 90% of journals allow an author to archive his or her article through a non-profit source like TArchiva.

Can papers archived in TArchiva be commented on?

Yes. One of the features of TArchiva is that it allow comments on the page containing both the PDF of the original paper and the paper’s abstract. Again, the purpose of this feature is to promote debate on every aspect of Thomistic inquiry.

How can I submit to TArchiva?

Follow these simple instructions on how to submit to TArchiva.

Legal: All rights to the contents of TArchiva belong to the respective authors of the aforementioned content. Thomistica.org is not responsible for the editing or sourcing of any particular item in the archive. Such responsibilities are solely those of the respective authors. To find the permissions details for over 1500 academic publishers, go to Sherpa RoMEO.